Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Class 6, SK Methodist School

Class 6 - SK Methodist School

Teacher: Pn. Trudy H'ng


The children studied a picture and then wrote sentences about it. The sentences then made up a paragraph.

There were three people in the living room. Amin and his younger sister were playing chess. Amin’s father was reading the newspaper. He was reading bad news and sitting on the sofa. Amin and his sister were sitting on the floor. It was raining. They put the chess set on the desk. Amin won the chess games.

Produced by:

Kala Devi A/P Paranthaman

Khor Jia Shan

Plora A/P Mathews

Thinagaran A/C Thagaman

Norhana Azwa Binti Yahya


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