Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Class 6, SK Methodist School

Class 6 - SK Methodist School

Teacher: Pn. Trudy H'ng


The children studied a picture and then wrote sentences about it. The sentences then made up a paragraph.

There were three people in the living room. Amin and his younger sister were playing chess. Amin’s father was reading the newspaper. He was reading bad news and sitting on the sofa. Amin and his sister were sitting on the floor. It was raining. They put the chess set on the desk. Amin won the chess games.

Produced by:

Kala Devi A/P Paranthaman

Khor Jia Shan

Plora A/P Mathews

Thinagaran A/C Thagaman

Norhana Azwa Binti Yahya

Class 6, SK Methodist School

Class 6 - SK Methodist School

Teacher: Pn. Hooi


The class was introduced to simple haiku poems, and then asked to write their own. This was their first attempt at writing them. One of two wrote more than 3 lines, so these poems are not really haikus. They were not told to write titles. They only had about 5 minutes to write them, at the end of a lesson, and they did not have very much guidance.


My mother is a very sweet lady.
She is kind and lovely.
I love her very much.



On the road,
there is a car.
It’s moving very fast.

M. Rajindra


Inside the aquarium,
There is a group of fish.
They are eating.

Ng Shih Ee


Inside the kitchen,
someone is cooking.
and that someone is my mother.

Kring…….. kringg……… The bell rang.
The students ran in,
feeling sad because they couldn’t play.

Vivian Lee

My Ambition

When I grow up,
I want to be a doctor,
because I want to take care of sick people.

Nurul Husna bt. Mohamed Hamzah


On Saturday, the birds were flying in the sky.
The girl saw them.
She was very happy.

Thevarubani a/p Vasoo


In the kitchen, my mother is cooking.
She uses cooking oil to cook. Then she serves my family.
My family is happy.

Tan Wei Hui


Inside the classroom, the boy was very sad.
He had failed his examination.
That was why he was sad.



Lina is playing with her friend.
They are in the playground.
They always play together.

Shalinee a/p Mogan


Saturday was a holiday.
I played with my friend in the house,
happy every day.

Kenneth Kee


On Thursday the boy was sad.
He was crying.
He had failed his exam.


Amir was playing with his friend.
They are in the playground.
They always play together. They are happy.

Mohamed Azizi Bin Abdul Yahi


My mother is a lovely lady.
She is a good and kind mother.
I love my mother very much.

Khor Lee Ting


Do, re, me.
Forget do, forget re,
but don’t forget me.

Lee Jia Xin


A thief chased me.
I quickly ran to the police station.
Then the thief was caught by the police.



Saturday was a holiday.
The boy was very sad.
He was crying.

Syafiq Amir


On Saturday, I went to market,
I bought a loaf of bread.
I went home and ate together with my friends.



Outside the field,
there is a group of children.
They are playing happily.

Zafira Aman

19 a

On Saturday, I went to play,
outside the house,
feeling happy because it was fun.

19 b

The bell rang.
It made the pupils happy,
because they could go home.

M. Shanthini

20 a

Mr. Tree was outside in the dark.
He was sad.
When the sun shone, Mr. Tree was happy again.

20 b

When the bell rang,
the pupils were happy
because they could go for recess.

M. Kunambiga


The birds are singing on top of the tree.
They both look happy
because the sun is shining.



In the garden,
there is a cat,
happily playing with a ball.

Blake Lim Eu Wenn


On Saturday, I was playing in the field.
I was playing football with my friends.
I was very happy.

Jeevand Rao


On Sundays, we go to the library,
borrow some books, read together
and enjoy ourselves.



In front of my house, there was a shady tree.
A group of birds were flying.
They looked colourful and beautiful.



On Saturday, the bell rang.
The boy was sad. He was crying.
He had failed his exam.



Outside the classroom, in the park,
it was very beautiful, with colourful flowers.
I sat there alone.

Lee Dian Long

In the water,
there is a group of fish.
They are happy, swimming.

Harvinder Kaur


Outside the classroom,
The boy was crying. The boy was sad.
He had failed his examination.